• An Apple a Day…

    I am still brand new to the Midwest, and ever-so-slowly adjusting to this drastic change of scenery. Summer was certainly not my fave, but everyone told me fall would be fantastic. So far, so good! Last weekend I headed to Michigan for a day trip for my first apple-picking experience. I thought the entire scene was utterly adorable, and loved… READ MORE >>

    An Apple a Day…
  • Watch: Edgy Romance

    I recently shot two of my favorite fall trends: lace and moody floral prints. I received a few gorgeous items from Venus.com and styled them in a way that absolutely reflected my personal style. A wide black belt is my favorite trick for defining my waist when wearing voluminous silhouettes, and this flirty floral romper look came together effortlessly when… READ MORE >>

    Watch: Edgy Romance
  • Spotlight On: World Mental Health Awareness Day

    Hey loves! I wanted to take some time out to write about a topic that isn’t always the easiest to discuss, but is critical to acknowledge. As women, we are bombarded by endless pressures to be perfect and to live up to expectations, all while balancing a career, a social network, a personal life, family, friends and more. I believe… READ MORE >>

    Spotlight On: World Mental Health Awareness Day