• My 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

    Happy Holidays! I can’t believe this year is (finally) coming to an end, and despite it all, there’s still so much to celebrate. For me, this year was one of incredible growth and patience and a renewed sense of self. Like many of you, I discovered who and what truly belongs in my life; and I was also reminded that… READ MORE >>

    My 2020 Holiday Gift Guide
  • Lip Love from Dermelect

    Now that winter is in upon us, it’s time to step our skincare and self-care routines. I’ve been exploring plenty of new products to combat winter dryness and my favorite under-the-face-mask essential is Dermelect’s brand new Smooth & Supple Lip Mask Melt. It goes on like butter, and hydrates your lips with jojoba oil, berry antioxidants, primrose oil and more.… READ MORE >>

    Lip Love from Dermelect
  • Malibu Locals Only

    Last week I celebrated a good friend’s birthday in the gorgeous city of Malibu, and we had an absolute blast doing not a whole lot. I actually went to undergrad in Malibu, so no matter how much times passes, it always feels like I’m going home when I’m in the quaint coastal town. We started our afternoon with lunch at… READ MORE >>

    Malibu Locals Only