• The Perfect Party Top by Christian Siriano

    I must admit, I tend to shy away from wearing red. Even though I’m no stranger to attention, the color red always feel a bit too forced to me. That was until I met this gorgeous Christian Siriano peplum cold shoulder top in a ridiculous gorgeous shade of brick red. The second I slipped it on, I felt brazen and… READ MORE >>

    The Perfect Party Top by Christian Siriano
  • The Idyllic Magdalen Islands

    Every once in awhile, life presents opportunities that simply can’t be turned down. When I was invited to experience the faraway Magdalen Islands, I knew it was a trip of a lifetime. Besides the fact that this destination could not be further from LA, it represented a quiet, tranquil serenity, that felt almost unsettling for me–in a good way. While… READ MORE >>

    The Idyllic Magdalen Islands
  • Another Epic Trip to Magical Montreal

    Every few years, I find myself back in Montreal, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. As you may have guessed, I am obsessed with all things French, so escaping to Montreal is like being in Paris without the unbearably long flight. Don’t get me wrong, the flight to Montreal from LA is still pretty terrible, but that’s precisely… READ MORE >>

    Another Epic Trip to Magical Montreal